Women’s 5-Sensor Posture Trainer

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The world’s Most Accurate Posture Trainer measures the entire spine for the most effective posture training:

  • Smart-Shirt with 5 sensors along the spine for the most accurate posture training and tracking.
  • Free Apps for iOS and Android phones, tablets, and Windows computers.
  • Real-time display of posture and reference.
  • Visual and vibration feedback lets you know exactly where your posture needs correction.
  • User friendly with 3 training levels, training timer, auto shut-off, and 3-step interval training.
  • Adjustable vibration feedback intensity.
  • Machine wash/dryer safe.
  • Comfortable lightweight shirt with separating zipper for easy wear.
  • 72 hour posture recording.
  • Rechargeable battery with convenient USB charging.
  • One year warranty.

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What You Get

  • The TruPosture self-contained smart shirt with embedded sensors, controller, Bluetooth, recording memory, and rechargeable battery.
  • Free download of the TruPosture Apps for iOS (Apple), Android phones, tablets and Windows computers.
  • USB charging cable.
  • Quick Start Guide.
  • Customer support: 800-625-9648 (9am-5pm Pacific Time)

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  • Train for a good posture almost anywhere.
  • Wear the form-fitting smart-shirt comfortably under your regular clothing discreetly.
  • No guesswork – get unrivaled accuracy from five sensors strategically located along your spine.
  • Save multiple postures, track your progress, and record your posture over time.
  • Share your posture data with healthcare professionals.

What They're Saying

“If you are dealing with back pain or neck pain, or if your PT recommends adjusting your posture to help your condition, then the TruPosture Smart Shirt is a device you should consider.” – Brett Sears, Physical Therapy Expert, and Health Editor at About.com

“We’ve noticed, through the years, posture is a very important thing. While patients are at the clinic, we work very vigorously to improve their core strengthening. When they leave the clinic, however, they are involved with everyday things and forget about their posture. This new invention will maintain posture away from the clinic. A very clever idea where the shirt with the sensors will keep reminding the patient to stay in good posture … we believe that good posture will lead to good backs and prevent surgery.” – Dr. Robert Sklar, Neck and Back Specialist

“TruPosture’s best asset is its software. The shirt pairs with an app to show users actual diagrams of their spine.” – Kyle Piscioniere, Web Editor, Wearable Tech World

“The Lumo Lift has only one sensor that is worn on a shirt lapel. The TruPosture shirt promises to be much more accurate and specific about the spine shape.” – Luigi Lugmayr, Founding Chief Editor, I4U News

“What’s nice is that if you can’t sync the device to your smartphone, it will prompt you independently by sending vibration feedback if your back is in a crooked position. If you want to pair it with your favorite fitness/health tracker you can do that as well.” – Horia Despa, Softpedia

“TruPosture is among several new products taking aim at the growing concerns about sedentary lifestyles.” – Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, Contact Reporter, Chicago Tribune

“Very soon we will be able to monitor in real time our spine to detect and correct posture problems. No, not science fiction, but yet another brilliant idea from the pages of Indiegogo.” – Pasquale Macri, Tom’s Hardware

“It’s not even limited to sitting at work, the app has options to program standing and stretching positions as well, allowing you to slowly train yourself into better all round posture.” – Emma Boyle, Gamer In Chief, Gadgette

Frequently Asked Questions

How can wearing the shirt regularly lead to reduced back pain?
TruPosture helps by reminding you to correct your posture whenever your posture deviates from your pre-set ideal. By engaging your core and dorsal muscles to correct your posture, you will strengthen them, as well as develop a good posture habit. Having a strong core and dorsal muscles takes the stress off your spine, the source of your pain. We recommend routinely using the shirt for several weeks until the muscles strengthen, and healthy posture becomes a habit. After that we suggest you periodically use the shirt to reinforce the habit. In the long term, maintaining a good posture will keep those muscles strong, and keep the stress off your spine.

How does it compare to sitting on an exercise ball?
An exercise ball is effective but will not tell you if your posture is correct (the two curves of the spinethat form an “S”). The first thing you notice when you sit at your desk with the TruPosture shirt on is that to maintain a correct posture you now have to adjust the environment around you to accommodate your healthy posture (chair, monitor, etc), whereas before you were sacrificing your posture to accommodate the “bad” environment around you.