• World’s 1st Sports Shirt with permanently embedded Nano-sensors along the entire spine.

  • Measures the entire spine for the BEST POSTURE TRAINING & MONITORING.

  • No messing with adhesives or pins or contorting to glue sensors. Just put the shirt on and go.

  • Lightweight Polyester/Elastane blend fabric is perforated in the back for comfortable wear.

  • Machine wash and dry for easy daily use.

  • Free Apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets, and Windows computers.

  • Select from 3 training levels, training duration, Interval training, and more.

  • Or simply monitor your entire posture while you work at your desk

  • Self-running Smart Shirt with rechargeable battery and 72 hour recording time.

  • One-year warranty.

Men’s 5-Sensor Posture Smart-Shirt

Men’s 3-Sensor Posture Smart-Shirt

Women’s 5-Sensor Posture Smart-Shirt

Women’s 3-Sensor Posture Smart-Shirt

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