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TruPosture is the world’s first smart shirt to use our patented 5-sensor technology to measure the complete spine (T1 down to the pelvis) for optimal posture training and monitoring. It’s a comfortable and lightweight sports shirt that is available in men’s and women’s styles and in 5 sizes for a perfect fit. You can wear TruPosture under your regular clothes comfortably to work on improving your posture discretely.

There are no braces, straps or uncomfortable rubber bands in this shirt. The TruPosture smart shirt uses accurate feedback to help you strengthen your back muscles and core so they provide the strong support for your spine and upper body just as nature intended.

Five sensors embedded in the TruPosture shirt along the spine measure the curvature of the spine accurately. During posture training you will feel a gentle vibration whenever your posture deviates from your healthy reference posture to remind you to straighten up. Unlike other products in the market that only use one sensor, TruPosture provides accurate vibration feedback in the area of the spine where your posture is off so you can correct and achieve the healthy double curved posture for your complete spine. You can set and re-set your reference posture at any time to fit your specific training regiment. Three training levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), a selectable training timer, and programmable interval training make your posture training effective and comfortable.

The TruPosture smart shirt is self-contained with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 72 hours. It also includes Bluetooth to connect to your favorite smart phone, tablet or computer using our free Apps (iOS and Android Apps for smart phones and tablets, and Windows App for Intel computers). The Apps help you easily set and select the various functions of the TruPosture shirt.

In addition to posture training the TruPosture smart shirt can be used in conjunction with our Apps to monitor and record your posture accurately in real-time. Use this feature to verify and improve your workspace (desk, chair, keyboard, computer monitor) to achieve a healthy and ergonomic work environment.

For most people bad posture habits start at work where they spend 8 or more hours every day sitting and hunched over a keyboard, and in most cases in an uncomfortable work environment. By 5pm bad posture has slowly set in and over time leads to back pain and other complications. TruPosture is most effective in this environment where it counts the most. It can be worn discretely to remind you to sit up and prevent the slow slide into bad posture habits and back pain.


True Wearable: TruPosture uses a patented single wire bus technology that minimizes the number of wires connecting the many sensors embedded in the suit. This technology allows TruPosture to be simple, lightweight, comfortable, reliable, and discrete so it can be worn daily under your regular clothes without anyone noticing.

Expert Garment Design: TruPosture is available in distinct men’s and women’s styles exclusively designed for Adela Health by experienced garment designers for a perfect fit and comfortable wear. The design includes a separating zipper in the front that makes putting on and taking off the shirt easy for everyone.

High-Performance Fabric: Lightweight perforated fabric repels sweat and uses the perfect polyester/Spandex blend for comfortable daily wear.

Washable/Dryer safe: TruPosture uses Adela Health’s proprietary technology and manufacturing techniques to achieve waterproof and permanently embedded electronics in the shirt making it ready to endure the rigors of real world daily use and cleaning.

Accurate Real-Time Posture Measurement: State-of-the-art embedded 5-sensors combined with proprietary algorithms and electronics to achieve accurate posture measurement.

Free Apps: World class Apps for iOS (Apple), Android, and Windows for smart phones, tablets, and laptops available for free download. Includes free unlimited automatic software updates.