How do I connect my TruPosture shirt and App when there are many other TruPosture shirts in proximity?

Connecting the TruPosture shirt and App is automatic. Follow the simple steps: Download the App on your iOS or Android device. Run the App. Place the controller in the TruPosture shirt and turn it ON by pressing the power button. The Bluetooth connection is established automatically. If there are more than one shirt in proximity or [...]

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Why is there a zipper on the TruPosture smart shirt?

The separating zipper in front of the shirt makes putting the shirt on and taking it off very easy. This is especially helpful for people with limited range of motion, back pain, or other limiting conditions. The zipper allows everyone young and old to use the TruPosture shirt and improve their posture comfortably and effectively. Shop

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What is the TruPosture shirt fabric composition?

We use two types of high performance fabric for the TruPosture shirt. Both are lightweight blends of Polyester and Elastane that provide stretch. The fabric in the back of the shirt is perforated for comfort while the front uses solid fabric of the same type. This high-tech fabric also wicks perspiration away from the body [...]

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