Advanced Posture Tracking and Training Technology Built into a Discreet Undershirt

We’re creating a Health and Fitness Revolution based on spinal wellness and postural fitness. 

Improve Your Physical Appearance

Drop the weights and give up your gym membership.  The fastest way to improve your physical appearance is simply to correct your posture and stand or sit up straight.  

A good posture is naturally an attractive posture.  Standing upright instead of slouching will help you put your best physical self forward and allow you to carry and portray yourself with more confidence.  

  • LOOK BETTER – when you correct your slouch, engage your core, and look up, you present yourself in a much more confident and generally more attractive manner. This is great for first impressions, first dates and job interviews.

  • IMPROVE MUSCLE TONE – maintaining proper posture calls multiple muscles and muscle groups into action from your abs, pelvic and spinal muscles to your shoulders, neck and even your hips and lower legs.

How It Works

Good Posture Can Transform Your Life

 Be a better and higher-functioning you.  Learn how good posture can help optimize your performance and increase your output.

Stand Straight and Feel Great

Like physical activity, good posture is known to have far-reaching and rather significant effects on a person’s health and well-being.

  • BREATH EASIER– slouching can reduce lung capacity by as much as 30 percent, reducing the amount of oxygen that reaches body tissues, including the brain which can lead to feeling tired, exhausted, and sleepy.

  • IMPROVE DIGESTION– slouching and sitting in a scrunched position compresses the abdominal organs and may impact important digestive and bowel functions.

  • IMPROVE EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING – studies show your posture affects your mind, mood, self-esteem, and perception.  Strong posture positions have been demonstrated to create positive feelings in people while poor posture significantly increased stress levels, depression, and fear.

  • FIGHT THE AGING PROCESS – aging experts increasingly believe that posture can be an indicator of how well you will age.  Now you can do something to try and avoid various physical consequences of aging including the dreaded dowagers hump.

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Safely and Effortlessly Improve Your Posture in just 15 Minutes a Day

No straining, sweating, or risky workout moves required.  Discreetly train your posture ANYWHERE you can sit upright. 

Take Control of Your Back Pain

The most prevalent health problem associated with poor posture is back pain and 70-80% of us will suffer from it at some point in our lives.  The good news, however, is that for many of us it’s preventable and even reversible.

  • MAKE EVERY CHAIR AN ERGONOMIC CHAIR – when you have postural awareness you will no longer have to rely on furniture to show you how to sit. 

  • BUILD AN INNATE AWARENESS OF YOUR POSTURE – posture training with the TRUPOSTURE smart-shirt will help you develop a more intuitive and personal understanding of your posture.  As you call neglected muscle groups into action you will begin to rejuvenate them and rebuild strength and support.

  • GET CONSISTENT FEEDBACK – we’re here because your chiropractor and mom can’t be with you at all times but that is virtually what is required.  Posture, good or bad, is a habit we develop over time and unless you’re consistently aware of it you can’t do anything to correct it or prevent it from deteriorating.

  • BENEFIT FROM UNRIVALED ACCURACY – never before have you been able to get such consistent, detailed, and real-time measurements of your posture from the T1 at the top of your back all the way to your pelvis.

How It Works

TRUPOSTURE in the Press


If you are dealing with back pain or neck pain, or if your PT recommends adjusting your posture to help your condition, then the TruPosture Smart Shirt is a device you should consider.
Brett Sears, Physical Therapy Expert, and Health Editor at
TruPosture’s best asset is its software. The shirt pairs with an app to show users actual diagrams of their spine.
- Kyle Piscioniere, Web Editor, Wearable Tech World
What’s nice is that if you can’t sync the device to your smartphone, it will prompt you independently by sending vibration feedback if your back is in a crooked position. If you want to pair it with your favorite fitness/health tracker you can do that as well.
- Horia Despa, Softpedia
Very soon we will be able to monitor in real time our spine to detect and correct posture problems. No, not science fiction, but yet another brilliant idea from the pages of Indiegogo.
- Pasquale Macri, Tom's Hardware
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Are you trying to sit a little straighter now?

Try as you may how will you know whether you're sitting with good posture? We're here to help you understand your current posture and train you to attain your TRUPOSTURE.
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