Advanced Posture Tracking and Training Technology

Built into a Comfortable Sports Shirt

The World’s First Smart Shirt that Monitors Your Entire Spine

Use the TruPosture Smart Shirt along with the TruPosture Apps to:

  • Train and strengthen your back muscles and core for a good posture naturally.
  • Monitor your posture and training progress in real-time.
  • Record your posture continuously over time.
  • Adjust your environment at home or the office for optimal ergonomics.
  • Make Good Posture a habit

 Start training right away at home or the office:

Set your Reference Posture (Green Curve) &

let the TruPosture Smart Shirt

monitor your posture (Orange curve) &

remind you when your posture is off

What users are saying:

“… I totally love the shirt – the construction, fit, details, the app.  That app is really great, and the quality of the visual feedback is really unexpected.  The zipper is smart.  A tour de force!” – Lynn D., USA

“Received the shirt and really value the back training. Definitely exceeded my expectations!” – Gary M., England

“recieved today. It works perfectly. Thanks++++” – Dr. Philippe M., France

“…Overall, the shirt is a very well-designed product. I continue to use it daily in the office.” – Anthony G., England

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TRUPOSTURE in the Press


If you are dealing with back pain or neck pain, or if your PT recommends adjusting your posture to help your condition, then the TruPosture Smart Shirt is a device you should consider.
Brett Sears, Physical Therapy Expert, and Health Editor at
TruPosture’s best asset is its software. The shirt pairs with an app to show users actual diagrams of their spine.
- Kyle Piscioniere, Web Editor, Wearable Tech World
What’s nice is that if you can’t sync the device to your smartphone, it will prompt you independently by sending vibration feedback if your back is in a crooked position. If you want to pair it with your favorite fitness/health tracker you can do that as well.
- Horia Despa, Softpedia
Very soon we will be able to monitor in real time our spine to detect and correct posture problems. No, not science fiction, but yet another brilliant idea from the pages of Indiegogo.
- Pasquale Macri, Tom's Hardware
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